Welcome to the home of Northeast / New England D-STAR

Hoping to make this a resource page for New England D-STAR users with focus on NE Massachusetts and SE New Hampshire

Area D-STAR reflectors

  Repeater Location Frequency On The Air Dashboard ircDDB aprs.fi jfundu DSTARUsers DSTARdb dplus-mon Info URL System Type G3 Terminal Mode enabled Multi-Mode Linked?
  WB1GOF Westford 442.4500 Y WB1GOF WB1GOF-B WB1GOF-B           G3 Yes   REF050C
  K1BEP Freetown 146.4100 Y K1BEP K1BEP   K1BEP ---- K1BEP ---- K1BEP ircDDBG      
  K1BEP Freetown 147.405 (S) Y   K1BEP   K1BEP                
  K1BEP Freetown 444.7750 Y   K1BEP   K1BEP                
  K1MRA Brookline 145.1600 Y K1MRA K1MRA   K1MRA K1MRA K1MRA K1MRA K1MRA G3     REF050C
  K1RFI Swansea 145.4200 Y ---- K1RFI   ---- K1RFI K1RFI K1RFI K1RFI ircDDBG      
  W1DSR Holliston 447.0750 Y W1DSR ----   W1DSR W1DSR ---- W1DSR W1DSR G2     REF050C
  W1KK Feeding Hills 145.1500   W1KK ----   W1KK W1KK W1KK W1KK W1KK G3      
  W1KK Feeding Hills 449.1750   W1KK ----   W1KK W1KK W1KK W1KK W1KK G3     REF069C
  W1MRA Marlborough 448.2250 Y W1MRA W1MRA   W1MRA W1MRA W1MRA W1MRA W1MRA G3     REF050C
  WO1VES Stoneham 443.2000 Y                 Multimode      
  KA1GG West Bridgewater 449.9875 Y     KA1GG     KA1GG   KA1GG Multimode      
  AC1M Norwell 145.2500 Y     AC1M     AC1M     Multimode      
  W1ATD Marshfield 145.3900 Y     W1ATD-C     W1ATD     Multimode      
NH K1HRO Salem 145.3200 Y K1HRO K1HRO K1HRO-C K1HRO K1HRO K1HRO K1HRO K1HRO G3 Yes    
  K1HRO Salem 444.3500 Y     K1HRO-B           G3 Yes   REF050C
  NE1DV Goffstown 446.5750 Y ---- NE1DV   ---- NE1DV NE1DV ----   ircDDBG     DCS026B
  K1HBR Hampton Beach 145.4400 Y ---- ---- K1HBR-C ---- K1HBR K1HBR ----   G2     REF050C
  K1HBR Hampton Beach 449.4750 Y ---- ---- K1HBR-B ---- K1HBR K1HBR ----   G2      
  N1HIT Madbury 145.3800   ---- N1HIT N1HIT-C N1HIT N1HIT N1HIT ----   ircDDBG     DCS006B
  N1HIT Madbury 448.8750   ---- N1HIT N1HIT-B N1HIT N1HIT N1HIT ----   ircDDBG     DCS006B
  NE1DS Pembroke 145.4800 Y ---- NE1DS NE1DS-C ---- ---- NE1DS ----   ircDDBG   YES DCS026B
  KB1UVE Greenland 446.7250 N ---- KB1UVE   ---- KB1UVE KB1UVE ----   ircDDBG     DCS006B
  KB1UVD Derry 447.2250 Y ---- KB1UVD KB1UVD-B ---- ---- KB1UVD ----   ircDDBG     DCS006B
  KB1TIX East Kingston 145.450 ? ----       KB1TIX   ----   ircDDBG     DCS006B
  W1CNH Gilford 447.7750   ---- W1CNH W1CNH-B W1CNH ---- W1CNH ----   ircDDBG      
  W1VN Sanbornton 449.6750   ---- W1VN W1VN-B ---- ---- W1VN ----   ircDDBG      
  K9WFD Alton 449.5250 Y ---- ---- K9WFD-B K9WFD ---- K9WFD ----   ircDDBG     DCS026B
  W1JY Franklin 145.4600 Y ---- ---- W1JY-C ---- ---- W1JY ----   OpenQuad   YES  
  W1CEN Moultonboro 449.5750 Y ---- ---- W1CEN-B ---- ---- W1CEN ----   ircDDBG      
ME KS1R Brunswick 447.5750 Y KS1R KS1R KS1R-B KS1R KS1R KS1R KS1R   G3      
  KC1ALA Biddeford 147.1450 Y   KC1ALA KC1ALA-C                  
  KC1ALA Biddeford 443.0500 N   KC1ALA KC1ALA-B                  
  KC1SBG Buckfield 444.3500 NEW KC1SBG   KC1SBG-B KC1SBG KC1SBG KC1SBG KC1SBG   G3 YES    
  KA1EAR Caribou 442.2000 Y KA1EAR   KA1EAR-B   KA1EAR       G3 YES   REF039A
  W1SCV Cooper 146.985 Y W1SCV   W1SCV-A   W1SCV-C W1SCV W1SCV   G3      
RI W1AAD Portsmouth 145.3 Y W1ADD W1AAD   W1AAD W1AAD W1AAD W1AAD   G3      
  W1HDN West Warwick 147.045 Y W1HDN   W1HDN-C   W1HDN             REF069C
CT N1GAU Killingly 444.1     N1GAU   ---- N1GAU N1GAU ----   ircDDBG     REF069C
Map AA1HD Vernon 145.26   AA1HD AA1HD   AA1HD AA1HD AA1HD AA1HD   ircDDBG     REF069C
  AA1HD Vernon 442.15     AA1HD   AA1HD AA1HD AA1HD AA1HD   ircDDBG     REF069C
  W1ECV Meriden 145.49   W1ECV W1ECV   W1ECV W1ECV W1ECV W1ECV   G3 Hybrid     REF069C
  W1ECV Meriden 444.25   W1ECV W1ECV   W1ECV W1ECV W1ECV W1ECV   G3 Hybrid      
  KB1UHS Haddam 444.55     KB1UHS   ---- KB1UHS KB1UHS ----   ircDDBG      
  WD1CRS Shelton 145.550 (S)       WD1CRS     WD1CRS            
  K1TMW Shelton 145.570 (S)       K1TMW   ---- K1TMW ----   ircDDBG      
  W1IXU Wolcott 145.14   W1IXU ----   W1IXU W1IXU W1IXU W1IXU   G3     REF069C
  W1IXU Wolcott 448.375   W1IXU ----   W1IXU W1IXU W1IXU W1IXU   G3      
  W1HDN Warwick 147.045   ---- ----   ---- W1HDN W1HDN ----   ircDDBG     REF069C
  KD1STR E Hartford 443.4   ---- ----   KD1STR KD1STR KD1STR ----   ircDDBG      
  W1NLK Norwalk 441.6   W1NLK ----     W1NLK W1NLK W1NLK   G2 Hybrid      
  W1BCG Westbrook 440             W1BCG            

NEWS - Transcoded reflectors available

5/28/2022 - Added "Linked" column to show where a listed system is connected to, i.e., which reflector.

XLX978 (hosted by the WB1GOF repeater team) will be providing some transcoding options for D-STAR users who'd like to bridge the technologies of DMR and Fusion (via YSF)

XLX978 dashboard: http://xlx978.dyndns.org, XLX978 connects:

Last update on: August 25, 2023